We've just started Skype meetings so this is going through a very quick evolution to define the best way of serving all those out there that have a difficult time getting to meetings and those who need more AA in there lives.

Currently Skype is limited to 1 host and 8 clients; meaning our meeting size is limited to 9 people. I believe this will very soon be expanded and the possibility of having video meetings will be possible with future upgrades of Skype software.

The format for Skype meetings is the same as other meetings. The types of meeting are the same i.e. Big Book, Steps, Daily Reflections, Discussion.

When you want to participate in a meeting, send the coordinator a chat message and he will invite you into the conference call.

AA Skype meetings are for those who have a desire to stop drinking and are governed by the 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Just like AA meetings there are no leaders so all suggestions are welcome and this forum will develop as a result of the group conscience. Everyone is free to put their thoughts in on the discussion forum or e-mail me personally.

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        Dave W.